Jhihben Hot Spring (Zhiben Hot Spring)

A hot spring paradise surrounded by a mountainous wonderland

Soaking in the Jhihben Hot Spring (or Zhiben Hot Spring) is a fantastic natural experience and must-do for those looking for an authentic eastern Taiwan experience. Jhihben is a popular hot spring destination in the Beinan Township of Taitung and is the largest hot spring pocket in Taiwan.

The area surround Yongnan Bridge is populated with many hot spring resorts and hotels, as well as restaurants tourist activities.

Many local and international tourists visit the area each winter to view the beautiful surroundings and soak in its famous hot springs. Jhihben Hot Springs (as referred to be local romanisation), is also be referred to as Zhiben Hot Springs (Pinyin, used by Google Maps), as well as Chihpen Hot Springs.

Zhiben Hot Spring (Jhiben Hot Spring) hotel

Hot Springs

Jhihben hot springs are well-renowned for their beautiful clear, colourless and odourless qualities. The water is of an alkali sodium bicarbonate spring with a pH value of 8.4 and temperatures ranging from 45° to 56°.

Also known as the “beauty spring,” many people believe in the hot springs’ healing and beautifying effects which is said to include softer skin, improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation.


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Zhiben River originated as a meeting place for the indigenous Puyuma people. During Japanese control in the early 20th century, Jhihben was turned into a public bath was the first hot spring development in Taitung.

After Japanese retrocession in 1945, Jhihben underwent a large amount of development that included many resorts, hotels and restaurants for what now resembles modern Jhihben.

Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area

The National Forrest Recreation Area is a developed touristic area with various attractions interconnected by walking paths. Popular attractions include public baths, botanical gardens, creek massage pool and others. The recreation area also has hiking paths including the Scenic Trail, Forest Trail and Banyan Shaded Trail, as well as the Brave Man’s Trail, which involves walking 900 steps up a steep slope.

The Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area is memorable for its gorgeous expanse with rich display of ecological life that includes many butterflies, birds and monkeys.


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Staying at one of the many hotels in the area is a common way for visitors to get a true Zhiben hot spring experience. There are a lot of hotel options with 11 of them being within 5 kilometres of the city centre.

Different hotels range in price with the best-known being the Hotel Royal Chihpen and the Chihpen Century Hotel.


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Hotel options closer to the Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area include the Dong Tair Spa Hotel, Rainbow Resort Hotel, and the Lucky Hot Spring B&B.

   Things To Know

When attending public baths, make sure you’re aware of each venue’s particular hot spring etiquette. In general you are required to use the shower before entering any of the hot springs and to also wash your feet before entering or reentering each pool.

Most public baths only allow swimsuits and swim trunks (not board shorts) and in some circumstances also require the use of swim caps. In the event of not having the correct attire, appropriate attire can usually be bought from the venue for a reasonable fee.

Some hot springs may also have gender seperate facilities, in which case patrons are often required to bathe in the nude.

   How To Get There


The easiest way to get to get to the Zhiben Hot Springs is from Taitung City. Catch Bus 8129 from Taitung Bus Station.


Getting to from Taipei to Jhihben (Zhiben) is a 5 hour train journey along the Tze-Chiang Limited Express to Zhiben Train Station.


Getting to from Kaohsiung to Jhihben (Zhiben) is a 2.5 hour train journey along the Tze-Chiang Limited Express to Zhiben Train Station.

Where To Stay



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