Shilin Night Market

Score a bargain in Asia’s biggest night market

Shilin (Shihlin) Night Market is the biggest and most famous night market in Taiwan. Hundreds of shops and restaurants are spread over an entire block of streets, side-alleys and Shilin Market Building.

The market structure is split into distinctive inner and outer sections. The inner section (old Shilin Market building) contains mostly restaurants and food stalls, with the surrounding outer section having mostly shops, boutique vendors and variety stores.

Every year thousands of international tourists visit Shilin to experience Taiwan’s market culture. It is is regularly featured as one of the world’s best night markets and is generally considered to be the biggest market in Asia.

Stalls usually start opening at 4:00PM with peak traffic occurring after work and school around 8:00PM. Stalls stay open well past midnight with closing times usually occurring between 1:00AM to 2:00AM.


Shilin Night Market started off as a small day market for goods brought in from a nearby wharf on Keelung River in 1909. Market goods contained mostly agricultural produce bought in from neighbouring Banda and Dadaocheng ports.

In 1913 Shilin Market was officially inaugurated sparking a growth of customers and businesses. The market has undergone several renovations since this period, the most notable of which was a complete demolition due to fire hazard concerns in 2002.

In 2006 construction by the Taipei City Government began on what resembles the current market structure. Construction was completed and the Shilin Night Market site was re-opened in 2011.


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Taiwanese market culture

Shilin Night Market is an amazing way to experience Taiwan’s unique market culture. Here you will find a vibrant atmosphere buzzing with bright colours and lively shoppers.

Energetic shop vendors sell a wide-range of local, traditional, and international merchandise. There is no better way to spend a night in Taiwan than to spoil your palate with delicious foods while shopping until your hearts content.

Popular food

The Shilin Night Market food court is a great place to try traditional Taiwanese dishes. The most famous dish being the oyster omelet (é ā jiān), a savoury egg and potato starch omelet filled with small oysters and usually served with chilli sauce mixed with lime juice.

Other popular savoury dishes found at Shilin Night Market include oyster vermicelli (hézǐ miàn xiàn), stinky tofu (chòu dòufu), Taiwanese tempura (tián bù là), fried chicken fillet (zhá jī pái) and small sausage in large sausage (dàcháng bāo xiǎocháng).


Popular dessert dishes include the lemon aiyu jelly (níngméng ài yù), peanut candy (huāshēng táng), peanut butter & jelly sandwich desserts as well as Taiwan’s infamous bubble tea (zhēnzhū nǎichá) are also common choices at Shilin Night Market.

  How To Get There

No. 101, Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111


Take the Tamsui–Xinyi Line MRT (red line) to Jiantan Station. Exit through Exit 1 and cross the street diagonally to Shilin Night Market.

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