Taiwan’s electrifying capital

Taipei is the capital city and cultural epicentre of Taiwan (ROC). Sitting on the northern tip of Taiwan, Taipei’s streets are full of life with vibrant night markets, an active food & nightlife scene, trendy shopping districts and luxury hotels. Together with its sophisticated appreciation for art and culture, Taipei is a modern metropolis that attracts people from all walks of life and from all around the world.

Taipei’s Taoyuan airport is Taiwan’s most active airport and usually the first point of entry for people visiting the country. Taipei not only attracts people for its art and culture scenes, but is also the centre of a booming economy in the technology, textile and automotive industries.

Taipei’s unique blend of character and class has a habit of winning over those unsuspecting holidaymakers. It is an ultra-modern city that often goes undetected, but for those who do make the pilgrimage, are sparsely disappointed.

Night markets

A popular feature of Taipei are the vibrant night markets spread throughout the city. Amongst the biggest and best in the world, Taipei’s numerous night markets offer an amazing shopping, food and souvenir experience. The two most famous night markets are the Ningxia Night Market – renowned for its delicious street food, and Shilin Night Market – often considered the biggest night market in the world. Jiufen Old Street is another of popular market on the outskirts of New Taipei.


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Last night we took a taxi to the Shilin Night Market for street food dinner. This place is absolutely bonkers and sits at the top of my list as the craziest street food market I’ve visited. Hot, sweaty and crowded, all snaking through a maze of narrow alleyways and underground Hawker markets. Everything we tried was delicious. Charred beef cubes, bite sized dumplings, fried chicken, fresh crunchy pork and scallion buns, kumquat and lemon drink, Taiwan beer, and then finished off with mango shaved ice. Taipei does not seem too keen on trash cans throughout the market and only places them at the very outer exits causing you to carry your ever increasing amount of trash with you until you exit which got a bit awkward. Still one of the experiences I won’t forget #jasonfreeny #jasonfreenyasia #mightyjaxx #inception_co #taipei #shilintaiwanstreetsnacks #shilinnightmarket @iblamebarbie @three6melfiah @jesmineaww @_wxyn

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Taipei 101

The single most recognisable landmark in Taiwan is Taipei 101. This supertall high-rise features 101 storeys over 508 meters that open upwards, representing a blossoming flower. Taipei 101 was a stroke of architectural ingenuity that held the record for world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2010. Although it no longer holds the title of world’s tallest building, it still holds all of its original wonderment to this day.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

Another prominent landmark recognisable to many is the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial. This amazing marble structure and surrounding area sits in honour of former ROC President Chiang Kai-Shek. The CKS Memorial Hall is a testament to Taiwan’s historical perseverance and draws visitors for its museum and hourly changing of the guard ceremony. Since its completion in 1980 is has served as one of Taipei’s most popular tourist attractions.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

Taipei Zoo

Also referred to as Muzha Zoo, Taipei Zoo displays animals from Taiwan, Australia, Africa, Asia and the desert. With a 165 hectare grounds, Taipei Zoo is one of Asia’s largest zoos and is considered a global leader in conservation efforts. In 2008 Taipei Zoo was gifted two giant pandas from China. In 2013 they gave birth to panda cub Yuan Zai and is considered a must-see attraction for visitors.

Red Panda at Taipei Zoo


Ximending shopping district is a giant pedestrian area packed with brandname stores, boutique fashion shops, as well as 24-hour Japanese izakayas, karaoke bars, and noodle bars. Considered Taipei’s largest youth shopping district, Ximending is also home to the avant-garde Red House Theatre. Here you can also find the last remaining Red Envelope Clubs, which is as an old-style of entertainment featuring female performers singing traditional Chinese songs.

Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain, or Xiangshan, is a majestic looking mountain that protrudes near the middle of Taipei. Its central location offers spectacular views of Taipei’s city skyline and is a cheaper alternative to seeing the view from Taipei 101. Getting to the top is a leisurely 20 minute hike making it a popular attraction which has consequently served as the backdrop for many-a Instagram images.


Where To Stay

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